Sibol Wild Rift Team: Stars on the Rise

Sibol Wild Rift Team: Stars on the Rise

Especially for the Sibol Wild Rift team, which beat Vietnam in the final to win the gold title, the 32nd SEA Games have been exciting. With this win, a team that came in last place in the last tournament changed things around.

Sibol Wild Rift Team: The Amazing Rise of Sibol

Last year, the Sibol Wild Rift team had a hard time and came in last in their group. They tried something new this year by adding Nigma Galaxy, and it worked. The team beat Singapore 3-0 and Vietnam 3-1 in the final of the upper division.

Sibol Wild Rift Team: “Sibol Shares His Joy After Victory”

Gold medalists were asked to talk about the SEA Games and the grand finals.

News reporter: Hey everyone! Thanks for giving Wild Rift gold! How do you feel?

PhilippinesDr4w: It feels great.

The PhilippinesDemonKite is happy and proud.

Sibol Wild Rift Team: Ready and sure of yourself: the winning combination

News reporter: How did you get ready for this year’s SEA Games?

Gerald “Tgee” Gianna Gelacio, assistant coach: We worked out with different teams, especially Vietnam. We came up with plans to beat our competitors.

What’s your game mood?

The PhilippinesAaron: We loved every second. We still thought we could win even after we lost.

The Philippines’s First Gold

News reporter: How does it feel to be the first person from your country to win a gold medal?

The PhilippinesIt makes me happy to win medals for my country for the first time. Feeling very proud.

The most exciting thing was winning Game 4.

Question from a reporter: Which grand final game was the most exciting?

The PhilippinesJustine Ritchie “Juschie” Tan: The fourth game, because we won and got the medal.

Sibol went from struggling to succeeding.

News reporter: Last year, you didn’t get past the group stage. What’s different about the squad this year?

Van Matthew “Vansu” I. Alphonso is the head coach. Things are different. A whole new team and coaches. The update is very important.

DemonKite’s Journey: Difference in Performance

News reporter: DemonKite, How do you play now compared to last year?

The PhilippinesDemonKite: Big gap. This year, we beat other countries a lot more than last year.

A turning point for faith in the face of Vietnam

After beating Vietnam in the finals of the winner group, did you think you could win it all?

PhilippinesDemonKite: Of course there is! We were sure of ourselves after beating Vietnam, who were our opponents and the defending winners.

Confidence and respect helped me beat the champions twice.

Journalist: What was it like to beat the winners twice from last year?

The head coach, Van Matthew “Vansu” I. Alphonso, said: Glad, but not a surprise. We’re sure we can beat Vietnam because they are strong.

At home, celebrations include a huge watch party.

Journalist: What did your family and friends say?

The PhilippinesJuschie Tan: Partying, yelling, and screaming. The energy was helpful.

Watch party and reactions from PhilippinesDemonKite.

Filipino fans, thank you and good luck in the future

Journalist: What do you tell your Filipino friends who saw you win the gold medal?

The PhilippinesJussie Tan: Thanks a lot for your help! We hope you’ll help us win more contests in the future!

Finally, Sibol Wild Rift story of how he rose from the ashes is one of determination, self-improvement, and success. The NIAGASLOT players and the country are proud of what they’ve done. Also, they’ll leave an esports heritage.