Southern California Soaked: Holiday Weekend Threatened by Floods

Southern California. SoCal’s getting hit hard by an atmospheric river—a fancy term for a ton of rain pouring down, causing chaos just before the holiday weekend.

Heavy Rain, Big Trouble

This river in the sky already dropped over 4 inches of rain in some parts of Southern California between Tuesday and Thursday morning. And it’s not done yet. The rain’s pounding so hard—more than 2 inches an hour in some places—that it’s causing flash floods, making roads look like rivers.

Evacuations and Chaos

Ventura County’s taking a hit. They got soaked with over 2.5 inches of rain in just a few hours, causing a mega flood. It’s so intense—it’s a rain event that only happens once in 500 years for Oxnard, the county’s biggest city. Floodwaters messed with about 60 homes, and emergency lines blew up with 275 calls in just five hours, way above their normal day’s work. They had to prioritize, even leaving 90 calls hanging at one point.

Water, Water Everywhere

The floods didn’t just stop there. Santa Barbara got hit too. The rain flooded roads, and the Highway 101 ramps had to close due to the water party. And guess what? The weather service predicts more heavy rain—like 2 to 5 inches across SoCal, and in some spots, up to 10 inches in the hills and slopes near the coast.

Warnings and Dangers

Flood watches are out in force for parts of LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs. They’re bracing for life-threatening floods, mudslides, and rockfalls—especially in areas hit by fires recently. The weather service is waving the red flag, warning folks about the possibility of major floods, mudslides, and debris near recent burn spots—serious stuff.

Tornado Tales

Wait, tornadoes in California? Yep, a rare one touched down near Oroville in Northern California. It caused some damage to trees and stuff but thankfully no injuries. Tornadoes in December aren’t a regular thing in Cali, but hey, the weather’s been full of surprises.

East Coast Troubles

Not just California dealing with crazy weather. Up in the Northeast, they’re facing their own nightmare with heavy rain causing floods and knocking out power for over 130,000 people in Maine. And as if that’s not enough, the temperatures are dropping, making it a tough time for those without power.

Roadblocks and Power Woes

Maine’s grappling with downed trees and power lines, which means tons of roads are closed, and folks are freezing without electricity. The wind’s not helping either—it might slow down efforts to get the power back on.

Wrapping Up

Looks like both coasts are dealing with wild weather before the big holiday weekend. SoCal’s drowning in rain, facing threats of floods, while Maine’s struggling to stay warm and get the lights back on. Weather’s not holding back, that’s for sure!